Win a $50 Shopping Spree in my



Like, oh my gawd!  Really?  Yes, really!  


How to win the $50 Shopping Spree:

 - Be the first person to enter with all the correct song titles in the correct order!


You can totally still be a winner, even if you're not the first correct entry!

 - Name all songs in the correct order for 25% off your next purchase

 - Name 5-9 songs in the correct order for 15% off your next purchase

 - Name 1-4 songs in the correct order for 10% off your next purchase

In the case of a tie, no worries, the winner will be chosen by the exact time received down to the second.

1. Play the audio clip below

2. Enter the contest 

3.  That's it!

 Fill in your Name, Email and Song Titles below and click the ENTER NOW button.

Press the play button to hear the songs.





Entry Form to Win a $50 Shopping Spree from Rock the Bath Bar

If you don't know the song, just enter 0 in the field

* indicates required
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*Once you click Enter Now, you will receive a confirmation email.  You must click the Yes, Subscribe Me to the List link to be entered into the contest.
 If you're already a subscriber, you will only receive one newsletter.
Winners will be notified through the Rock the Bath Bar newsletter after the contest is over. Contest ends 11:11pm Friday, February 3rd.

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