Why Can't We Give Love That One More Chance

I was chillin' out this morning and had this great video come across my feed!

 Oh, those were the days of some great songs, great artists and you know?  They are still holding steady today!

Are we considered fuddy duddy's because we love that music?  Hell no!!  The 80's are here to stay dude.  We hear Rick Astley's infamous "Never Gonna Give You Up" for Go Daddy, + Bonnie Tyler's "I Need A Hero" for Kia in just two of the many Superbowl LI Spots.

Allure magazine just wrote that "The '80s Will Be The Biggest Trend of 2017"!   How cool is that?

And, according to Pinterest's in-house analytic team, the '80s trend isn't about to die down.  So, I think we're in good company.

Man, I still have my parachute jumpsuit, ankle boots, studded leather belts.  What about you?  Can I get an Amen?  I know you still have something from the 80's in your closet AND you still wear it!  We don't have to be frumpy and look like we never grew up.  We are confident enough to wear our 80's fashion and combine it with rockin' awesome looks of today to create our own standout fashion!

Here are my Top 5 go to's that still work.

Number 5:

The Animal Print - The 80's were all about this style
and now you can still wear it and be absolutely stylish without looking like you're an old housewife with spectacles and slippers.

Number 4:
Spandex - Oh yeah, the 80's were infamous for the brightly colored spandex on the dance floor.  Even Charlie's Angels were hot in it!  I still have my pair of purple ones.

Today, it's called Athleisure Wear!  Umm, yeah.  Still spandex!  But, we look so much better in it now.  Even if you don't work out, you can still look awesome.

Number 3:
Scrunchies - Oh my gawd!  We pulled our hair high atop our head and wore these things everywhere!  We even wore them as bracelets.  Like, we were so totally cool.

Guess what?  They're back. Take them off your wrist, rock a cool do and top it off with a scrunchie.  With this updated look, you can rock it just like Selena Gomez.
Number 2: 
Metallics - The disco era was over, but man those glitzy metallic dresses were all the rage!  Didn't you wear this to your prom?  So, you couldn't make your own Molly Ringwald dress from "Sixteen Candles", but you were going to really stand out at the dance.
I wish I could go digging in my closet and find this.  Metallic? Check. Rock your socks off?  Hell yeah!  I would wear this everywhere I could.  How sexy is this stunner of a gown?

Which now brings me to my Number 1 pick for 80's fashion go to's that you can still wear today?  Why, of course, it's the.....
Off the Shoulder Shirt.    We all dreamed that we could be Jennifer Beals dancing our way into the best school with the best guy all the while working as a welder.    But that shirt?  You know you had it!
Well now, you can still wear that shirt, dance any way you want, have the best guy and you certainly have other options in jobs besides being a welder.  Show off those sexy shoulders girl.
As you can see, I walk the walk and even passed it on to my kiddo.  She is showing off her off the shoulder shirt, and I'm still kickin' back in my denim jacket that I won't ever give up!

Fuddy duddy, I don't think so.  Let's rock the night and wear what we want to.  We can leave our friends behind.  Cause if they don't dance, well, they're no friends of mine.  Just kidding.  We can still be friends regardless of what they wear.  We know, we'll be creating our own fashion forward trends that they will all be talking about and wanting to follow.

What do you have in your closet that you still wear?  Post a picture in the comments.  I would love to see.


Nikie Wishnow

Rock The Bath Bar is an artisanal bath and body line infused with the carefree music of the 80s. The unique scents are inspired by the sounds of the MTV generation. I love music and it shows in each product I create. Each of my soaps is inspired by a particular song which plays while I swirl the colors. The passion for music is literally built into each product.


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