I Don't Like Mondays
04 / Apr

I Don't Like Mondays


dear monday i want to break up after the rayne handcrafted soaps

Is that a mantra you have working today?  Are you one that dreads Mondays because:

The weekend is over.  
After being able to sleep late on Saturday and Saturday, it's back to waking up early again for work or school.  (Maybe that's why some people wear funeral clothes to work on Monday. ie:black and blue colors.  Next time, look around.  See if it's true!

Mondays shouldn't be all that bad.  Here are some tips to have a great Monday!

  1. Wake up earlier!
    wake up and be awesome after the rayne handcrafted soaps
    Yes, really!  Wake up and be AWESOME! Get up a little earlier so you have more time to be in your comfy pj's.  Enjoy your cup of coffee without rushing around to get everything done.

  2. Start it off with a song!
    what song should i wake up to on mondays after the rayne handcrafted soaps
    Maybe not necessarily singing yourself, but crank up the music.  Jam out!  Have a party!  Get that blood circulating and have fun first thing!  I love to rock out to First Wave!  What are your favorites?

  3. Wear something new or that you haven't worn in awhile.
    dress modern and vintage after the rayne handcrafted soaps
    Remember your first day of school and you wanted to be dressed in your best?  Start every Monday like that.  Match something that's been in your closet awhile with something new!  Start a new trend.  Feel great about yourself!

  4. Make someone smile!
    random acts of kindness on mondays after the rayne handcrafted soaps
    Random acts of kindness are always cool.  Buy the next person in line a cup of coffee or lunch!  Pay it forward.  You are sure to put a smile on someone's face and yours just by doing something special.

  5. Make Monday Bongo day!
    monday is bongo day after the rayne handcrafted soaps
    Especially if you have bongos!  But, if you don't, make Monday a special day.  Do something different each Monday.  Not only will your coworkers enjoy being around you, but they may also start making their Mondays even better and then, guess what?  
The day will have passed and you had fun!  Here's to not having any more bad Mondays!


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