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My husband and I went on a little getaway this weekend in Houston, Texas.  Wasn't planned, just packed a bag, checked to see what was going on and headed on down.

What piqued our interest was a concert called Electric Dreams - 80's New Wave EuroDisco Extravanganza.  I loved the 80's music especially New Wave.  Special guests were going to be - Christopher Anton (formerly of When In Rome) & the Joneses(Former Singer of Information Society). What more could you ask for?  

I enjoyed listening to Information Society in the 80's, but had not heard of the other acts such as - Ken Lazslo, Gina T., Lian Ross and Gazebo.   Since Information Society was very popular, we figured we would listen to the others until the group we liked came on.

We arrived to the concert about a half hour after it started.  Much to our surprise, the Joneses and Christopher Anton were already on stage singing one of the few songs I knew from them.  Everyone was still coming in to the venue.  Walking around meeting everyone.  

We watched as everyone enjoyed the first act, but they went nuts when Ken Lazslo went on stage and it got more so as each act came on to do their songs!  Gina T., got a lot of screams as well!

What we didn't realize was that the rest of the singers were very popular in Vietnam in the 80's and that was the makeup of the crowd.  They were dancing and singing and having a great time!

It also seemed like they really, really enjoyed Gazebo!

It really was a lot of fun and it's always enjoyable to just do spur of the moment things.  You never know what will happen!

We had booked a room at the Lancaster Hotel which was two blocks from the venue.  This hotel has been around for 90 years and is a perfect boutique hotel.  With fluffy, cloud beds and feather pillows, it was perfect way to end the evening after the concert.

I can't say enough about the staff and the scent of the hotel.  When you walk in, it almost smelled like Lagerfeld, or a really nice men's cologne.  From the valet, to the front desk and everywhere in between, the staff was courteous and helpful.

What was really great was the complimentary breakfast.  It was almost European with meat and cheese, bacon, Muesili, hard boiled eggs, etc.  Which lent to our previous night of the Euro Disco!

It was a great way to get away even if it was just for one evening!


Nikie Wishnow

Rock The Bath Bar is an artisanal bath and body line infused with the carefree music of the 80s. The unique scents are inspired by the sounds of the MTV generation. I love music and it shows in each product I create. Each of my soaps is inspired by a particular song which plays while I swirl the colors. The passion for music is literally built into each product.


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