Cheeseburger in Paradise

I love food.  Not to be cliche, but I might be one of those "Foodies"  OH NO!!!

Not that it's a bad thing.  Favorite shows?  Top Chef.  And I can't remember the name, but the one where they go into someone's house, grab whatever is in the fridge and pantry and cook with it.

That's the best way that I like to cook.  Sometimes, when I'm busy and need something quick, I grab some chicken (so quick to thaw) add whatever veggies I can find from the fridge, add some chicken or beef stock and then keep adding to it.  Most of the time, these meals are amazing.  When asked by my family what I made, I don't have an answer.  Some kind of chicken stuff.  

This probably started from eating my grandmother's pot roast.  Oh my gosh!  It had to be the best in the world!  So tender and tasty.  It just fell apart.  I asked her for the recipe one day while she was making it and she said, "Well, you just have to watch!" 

She never wrote anything down.  She learned the recipes from her mom by watching as well.  I watched with rapt attention to detail.  Hmmm..she used this and did that.  One day while I was trying to recreate her pot roast, I called her.  She went over what she normally put in the pot and then she said, "Here's my secret!"  I listened carefuly, she whispered, "I use chicken broth instead of beef broth!"
I don't know if it was the broth or that she made everything with love, but to this day, I still cannot make my pot roast like hers.

matzoh-ball-chicken-soup-after-the-rayne-home-cooking                       My version of my great-grandmother's Chicken Soup

Because of my grandmother, I emulated the way she cooked..  I might print up a recipe, but more often than not, I don't have a particular ingredient, so I improvise.  The next time I make the dish, I try to remember what it had in it and then I just go for it!

I've definitely had some misses, but for the most part, I've had some great hits!

low-country-boil-pressure-cooker-after-the-rayne                                 Pressure cooked Low Country Boil - YUM!

Which leads me to what's for dinner this evening!  My husband has requested that I make Cheeseburger Pasta.  Sounds interesting?  I think it does.  More than likely, it will have my own twist and I hope my family enjoys it.  I will let you, my wonderful readers, know!

How do you like to cook?  What are some of your favorite recipes and how have you changed them?  I'd love to hear from you.


Nikie Wishnow

Rock The Bath Bar is an artisanal bath and body line infused with the carefree music of the 80s. The unique scents are inspired by the sounds of the MTV generation. I love music and it shows in each product I create. Each of my soaps is inspired by a particular song which plays while I swirl the colors. The passion for music is literally built into each product.


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