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Jewelry Men Will ACTUALLY Wear…

Have you ever wondered “what kind of jewelry would a man actually like?”  As a company that designs hundreds of tutorials & projects each year, we see this question pop up a lot.  Unfortunately we (as men) are REALLY bad at giving opinions or insight about some things.  Sometimes we are just bad about communication … Continue reading "Jewelry Men Will ACTUALLY Wear…"
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Potomac Beads Europe: From Idea To Reality

September 22th marked six months of Potomac Beads Europe existence. I thought it would be appropriate to stop for a minute and think about what we have achieved here. It seems unbelievable to me that in a few days it will be a year from the day I met Allie and Nathan for the first … Continue reading "Potomac Beads Europe: From Idea To Reality"
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The Bead Hole Size Guide

Knowing the hole size and stringing potential of your beads!              After 20+ years in the jewelry making industry and 12+ years since the launch of Potomacbeads, there is one thing that holds constant for me at the start of every project.  Every jewelry designer needs to know the hole … Continue reading "The Bead Hole Size Guide"
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Czech Glass Beads: Hand Pressed VS. Machine Pressed

The making of pressed glass beads, dating back many centuries, began in North Bohemia in eastern Europe, now known as the Czech Republic.  It has often been referred to as a “Cottage Industry”, as many laborers set up the glass pressing machinery in their own homes or garages. So what exactly is a pressed glass … Continue reading "Czech Glass Beads: Hand Pressed VS. Machine Pressed"
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What You Need to Know About Gold & Silver Used In Jewelry-Making

Selecting the right metal beads or findings for your jewelry is important – but also can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the options.  Below I will highlight some practical knowledge so that you are better equipped when selecting metals. 14k gold is a metal that contains 14 out of 24 parts of real … Continue reading "What You Need to Know About Gold & Silver Used In Jewelry-Making"
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Beading and biking in Amsterdam

For the first week of August, I left the warehouse for the first time since our launch in March for a few days. I had a great reason – a beading event in Amsterdam held by Erika Sándor to celebrate International Beading Week. For five years already, the first week of August is for many … Continue reading "Beading and biking in Amsterdam"
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